Learning Animation

Posted on March 18, 2012


The theories and processes behind computer animation are not too far removed from the process of creating a scene change on stage.  You have motion over time that must be choreographed in both a functional and aesthetic way.  The addition of character and emotion to the equation is the real challenge for me.  While I am not intending on becoming a Character Animator, I feel that I need to develop a certain level of competency in the area in order to round out my skills.  But boy oh boy is it a challenge compared to other artistic endeavors I’ve embarked upon.  Not the way my brain usually works.

This is my first attempt at animating a character.  I created a robot for a class and as you can see I stayed within the familiar world of mechanical motion.  Other students created robots with more human or animal qualities, range of motion, fake skin, more like Replicants.  I kept my joints to one axis apiece. I also knew I could built the animation rig for these types of joints easier and ensure a level of success.  I think I did a pretty good job with this guy.  Now I need to attempt a more organic figure with more complex motions.