Lighting Design: A Vast Wreck

Posted on March 21, 2012


Back in 2006, after moving back from Vegas, I designed a show with director Dara Weinberg, Scenic Designer Erin Brewster and (Tony Award Nominee, I just love saying that) Cricket S. Meyers.  “A Vast Wreck” was produced at Theatre of NOTE, a space that I had previously designed in a couple years prior.  The space has it’s challenges and the gear was fairly basic, so I went ahead and built a number of my own fixtures.  Soup cans and candelabra sockets go a long way in a small space.

Wreck turned out to be one of my favorite experiences designing a show. The cast was fantastic, very dedicated to the process. I asked Dara if I could sin in on a few rehearsals and play around with some lighting looks and transitions.  It was a very interesting process, working at the same time as the director and cast on creating the show.  I think we all found it an invigorating process.  It made for some of the coolest looks I’ve ever created.

The nature of the space at NOTE means that the actors are at times mere inches from the actors.  This allows for very low light levels to still be effective.  I lit many moments in the show specifically to be in shadow.  One moment in particular we made a very conscious decision to have the lead actor stand on a chair taking his face out of the light.  It made perfect sense in the moment.  Some audience members realized it was purposeful, others did not.  I don’t aim to please everyone, only to tell a story and hopefully make them think because of it.

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