Show Set Design: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Posted on March 24, 2012


As part of the Fantasyland Expansion at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will be the centerpiece of the new land.  As the ride is not yet open I can’t talk about anything more than has already been released by Disney, but happily they have released some of my work on the project.

In summer 2011 I produced a pre-vis animation of the ride. This was still very early in the design phase and no one was really expecting a pre-vis at this point.  But I went ahead and collected 3D assets from various departments and added those to my Show model.  The result was used at the D23 conference to announce the details of the attraction.  They also posted portions of the animation on YouTube.

I later expanded on this animation for use in a crazy high-tech flight simulator. We used the simulator to get a first hand idea of how this coaster would feel to guests.  It was a fascinating process involving some custom plug-ins for 3DS Max I designed to ensure perfect sync between the visuals and the motion of the simulator.  It worked out pretty well, and we only made half the team ill in the centrifuge.

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