The Palace of Knossos

The Palace of Knossos is the working title of my proposed MFA Thesis project.  The project involves the design, visualization and presentation of a themed attraction based on the history and mythology of the ancient Cretan city of Knossos, specifically King Minos and his step-son Asterius, better known as The Minotaur.  This project will explore the work-flow of creating production quality visualizations in parallel with the “blue sky” concept phase of a complex themed environment.  Live actors would be cast as visitors to this attraction, and a combination of physical sets and set extensions/matte paintings would be used to create a realistic final product suitable for executive review as well as public release.  The culmination of this effort would be a teaser/trailer for the attraction “The Palace of Knossos” along with concept art and color boards for the physical attraction.


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